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Privacy & Confidentiality

Medical records are the property of the Secretary of State for Health, with the GP being the authorised custodian. We will only give patient confidential information to staff and authorised parties outside the NHS with your special consent.

The Purpose of Our Practice Charter

We aim to provide the best possible service to our patients and hope you will feel that we achieve that aim. The care of your health is a partnership between yourself and the Primary Health Care Team. The success of that partnership depends on an understanding of each other’s needs and co-operation between us.


Our Responsibilities Towards You

  • You will be treated as an individual, with courtesy, respect and dignity at all times.

  • You will be given the names of people involved in your care.

  • You will normally be able to be seen by a medical practitioner of the practice within 24 hours.

  • You will be given, under normal circumstances, an appointment with a Doctor of your choice at the next available time he/she is available.

  • You will normally be seen within 30 minutes of an appointment time, be advised of any delay and the reason for it.

  • You have the right to receive advice on healthy lifestyle and be given the opportunity to take part in all health promotion activities run by the practice.

  • You will be given the most appropriate care by suitable qualified people; no care or treatment will be given without your informed consent.

  • You will be referred to a consultant acceptable to you when your Doctor feels such a course of action necessary.

  • You have a right to have access to your medical records subject to any limitations in the law.

  • You will have access to a Doctor at all times for emergencies.

  • You have a right to receive a copy of the latest practice information leaflet.

  • Any comments, suggestions or complaints about any aspect of the service will be dealt with in confidence.

Your Responsibilities Towards Us

  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer it to another Patient.

  • Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late, we cannot guarantee to see you within our agreed waiting limits.

  • Please treat the Doctors and staff with the respect and courtesy which you would expect to receive yourself. We are here to help you but may need information from you to enable us to offer your the most appropriate care.

  • Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment. If you arrive at the surgery without an appointment, we may not be able to see you and this will cause inconvenience to yourself and other patients.

  • All appointments are arranged to cover one consultation. Please make a separate appointment for each person who wishes to see the Doctor.

  • Please notify the Receptionist if you change your name or address.

  • Please request a home visit between 8.30 – 10.00am, if possible, and only when the Patient is too ill to attend surgery. Remember, if you can bring the Patient to surgery, they will be seen quicker and can be started on any necessary treatment.

  • The Doctor is here to give you treatment and advice. It is important that you understand the information given to you. If you are unsure about your treatment, please ask for more information.

  • Although the Doctors will seek to see you within reasonable time when you attend surgery, please be patient if an emergency situation arises and you are delayed.

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